This is available in cinema two auditorium only, the system which aids patrons whom are visually or hearing impaired.
We use the USL Caption Wear system, which has 3 different devices to choose from that provide patrons  with text displays or audio descriptions. 
1.The Caption-monitor is a small LED display on a bendable support arm that fits into the seat cup holder. The screen is equipped with a high contrast display that comes with a privacy visor, so it can be positioned directly in front of you at the base of the screen image.
2. Audio assisted headphones
3. Captionwear glasses
The USL system transmits and receives encrypted closed captions on a wireless bank frequency meaning it can be used from any seat in the auditorium.
The caption wear devices can be obtained at the Ticket Counter upon request.
Please be aware that the closed captions begin once the movie has commenced. Closed captions are not displayed during the ads or trailers, prior to the movie commencing.
To find Closed Caption session times, look for the (CCAD) icon next to the session time on the website.
All 3 auditoriums have sloped floors which are fully accessible with no steps.
Each cinema has wheelchair spaces with companion seating within the back row and capacity for 2 wheelchairs.
Tickets can be purchased online ( look for the wheelchair icon in back row) or  at the cinema  or reserved over the phone.
The cinema has wheelchair access via the side door off the side carpark and the wheelchair lift in the forecourt at the front of the cinema.
Trained Service animals are welcome, management may enquire if animal is not clearly identifiable as a service animal.
There is a change table available within the wheelchair accessible bathroom.