I haven't recieved my booking confirmation, have my tickets been secured?
If you have purchased ticket online, but not yet recieved a booking confirmation email with your e-ticket, please contact the cinema directly after first checking your spam folder, sometimes email allocates the e-ticket in this folder.
Be mindful a two step process has to be completed during your online ticket purchase. If the two steps are not completed, the sale will fail and the amount sits pending until your bank recognises the process is incomplete and then they return the funds to your account.
I am unable to attend my session, can i get a refund? 
We offer refunds on tickets until the time the session commences, contact the cinema directly to discuss. Unfortunately booking fees are unable to be refunded.
When are movie times updated?
Session times are usually updated every Tuesday evening for the following Thursday-Wednesday week. A cinema week screens from a Thursday because that's the day the new movies are released. Our business is always changing so we update sessions every week. 
Why isn't this film screening at the Oatmill cinema?
Unfortunately its not possible to screen every film that is release nationally.  A number of factors contribute to these decisions, including the size of the complex, the number of other films being released at that time, the financial success of simliar films in the past and arrangements with film distributors.
Is there a group discount and how do I book?
Yes; there is a discount for groups, there is a minimum number to be entitled to a discount. To book simply contact the cinema by telephone or in person and speak with Teena or Shane
What does no free list stand for?
No Free List is a term that means that complimentary tickets cannot be issued for a particular session. This is a restriction that is placed on a film by the film distributors and must be adhered to by cinemas. This excludes most Gift vouchers.
Do you have allocated seating?
Yes, we want you to be comfortable so we have allocated seating in our cinemas. Please respect fellow cinema goers and sit in the seat allocated to you. Seat numbers are located on the arm of the seat and printed on your ticket.
Note: Seat numbering runs from right to left, A-K. Row A starting from the back moving down alphabetically towards the screen.
Do I have to book seats?
The cinema has allocated seating. Customers have the option to either purchase tickets online and over the counter at the cinema. Online purchases give customers the ability to select their preferred seat, where as over the counter the ticket system randomly allocates the seats. During peak demands it is advisable to head into the facility early to ensure a desired seat. Note : Booking fee is applied to online ticket sales.
What ingredients are in the popcorn?
SEED: Raw corn, OIL: Cocout oil and flavouring 160A,  SALT: Colour 102 - tartrazine.  No gluten, wheat or lactose, vegan friendly.
Who do I contact about cinema advertising?
Contact Teena Wastell via email,  promotions@oatmill.com.au
Do you accept Companion Cards?
Yes, the companion card holder's guest will receive a complimentary admission. Valid for one ticket only. The card holder is required to purchase a concession ticket. A valid companion card must be presented to recieve the offer.
Redeeming Vouchers and Discount Tickets.
Oatmill Vouchers can only be redeemed over the counter at the cinema. Vouchers can't be used when purchasing tickets online.
Does the cinema have disability access?
All  cinemas are fully accessible ( no stairs ) with wheelchair sections in line with back row seating in each auditorium. A wheelchair lift is positioned in the forecourt at the front of the cinema and wheelchair access via the door in the side carpark. 
Oatmill Cinema Membership?
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Ticket Prices?
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