FAQ - COVID-19 Updated 15 April 2021

1. What is your capacity in each cinema?

2. Do you have a Covid-19 Safe Plan?

3. Is it mandatory to book or can I just turn up?

4. Can I still use cash? 

5.  If I have a cold, can I come to the movies?

6. Do I have to wear a mask?

7. Do have I to provide details for Contact Tracing?

8. Can I bring a group of friends or family to sit in the same row?

9.  Do you have allocated seating?

Cinema 1 - 100, Cinema - 80, Cinema 3 - 50 and Foyer currently 20 people (1 per 4sqm)


No. But we do encourage you book online.

Yes, but we also encourage Touchless Payment

No, come back when you're feeling better - Please!

No, it is not mandatory

It is not a requirement for cinemas in South Australia.

If you are from the same family OR travelled together, yes, best either book the number or pay a group booking online. You cannot sit together if you arrive separately

YES! Please take your allocated seat. You will be asked to move if you are sitting in someone else's seat or in the wrong seat. Numbers and letter on the arm of the seat from right to left A - K (A starting from the back).